Thor movie.

Last week my auntie took me and my older sisters to the Thor movie.That day me and my sisters got ready.Once we were ready we waited for our auntie to come in her car.On that day a dog came because we had to babysit the dog for five days.When our auntie came my sisters said to bring my bag in the car so we could sneak in snacks.So I got my bag and off we went to the movies.First we went to the shops to get snacks.We got raspberry liquorice,Haribo balla stixx,six pack coke,Chocolate and some chips.Once we bought all of that I put them in my bag and off we went to the movies.Once we got there my auntie bought three big boxes of popcorn.Once we payed for every thing we went into the movies!I was so exited when we sat down on our seats.We ate all of the snacks and popcorn.We sat really close to the screen witch was really fun.Once the movie was finished we took some photos out side.We all got in the car and we were  hungry so we went to McDonald’s.We all ordered what we wanted and we went home to eat.THE END

This is about me going to the movies with my older sisters and my auntie.Hope you enjoy please leave a positive comment below!

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